Furniture Repair Expert

About Us

Who We Are

Furniture Repair Expert, Inc. has been established to provide high quality furniture refinishing, upholstery and restoration services. Our premier experts repair and restore furniture at any commercial site as well as private residences. Depending on the scope of the work, we are also offering in-shop repairing and restoration. From fine antique pieces to a damaged new purchase, we can bring life back to your tables, desks and chairs, dressers, doors, wallboards, armoires, couches and have them look as though they were brand new again.

“A key part of the work that I do is being able to retell the story. I run my business on a set of values: to be of service, to foster creativity, and to build relationships.” — Henry Tee, Founder



With years of experience, we offer on-site and in-shop upholstery repair for couches, chairs, ottomans and more vanishing even the most extreme tears, animal damages and scratches.

Furniture Touch Up, Cleaning and Mark Removal

Sometimes your cherished furniture just needs a breath of fresh air. We remove any unwanted watermarks or heat marks from your furniture and complete cosmetic repairs both on-site and in-shop depending on the scope of the project. Whether it’s finish and top-coat repair, veneer repair, cleaning, or removal of nicks and scratches, we can restore and bring life back into your pieces.

Antique Restoration

Our teams are experts restoring furniture no matter the condition. Many people have family heirlooms that have been passed down for generations or have come across a hidden treasure at a garage sale, flea market or any other shop. Whatever the beloved possession may be, our company offers antique restoration to put life and appeal back into your antique item.

What’s your hidden treasure? Our team will restore your furniture no matter the condition.