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Frequently Asked Questions


YES, You can fill-in the estimate or service request form and we will respond shortly with possible options and estimates FREE of CHARGE. We provide free estimates by phone, email, text or by video messaging. Providing detailed and accurate description of the service or estimate request, items need service, your location, expected result and possibly pictures will ensure best possible estimate and options.

However all details, options and absolute accurate final estimates may require on-site, in person inspection.

We will provide answers and estimates based on the provided information and try to ensure they are as accurate as possible, however descriptions and/or pictures do not always provide full scope of information or clear understanding of the issue, customer expectations, or all possible options. Estimates will be provided accordingly to the information provided and they may need to be confirmed by technician in person.
YES. Accurate information, along with reports, pictures (if needed) and proper options and prices can be obtained by having a technician come and inspect the issue/items as well as discuss possible and desired options.
No, it is a one-time fee that you will pay to a technician on the initial visit, and if we have to come back you will not be paying it again.
Technicians do provide labor already taking into consideration that customer is paying a visit fee. However even though it is part of the total cost, on-site initial visit fee is considered as a separate charge.
Most damages, combination of issues, customer expectations, priorities, possible options of repair and approaches are unique to each particular situation, for this reason it will be confusing to provide general estimates without reviewing each case individually. However there are certain types of jobs, repairs, disassembly, reassembly, installation, and handymen work that we have flat prices for which can be requested by phone, email or in person.
We have expenses related to each visit and we must cover those expenses as well as ensure on-site visit requests are for serious potential jobs, not to generate higher repair costs to customers that need repairs to be done.
You will be able to discuss all details, options, show any items you may want to be inspected and technician will  provide estimates at that time, however if you will need a typed/written estimate with pictures it will be noted by the tech and emailed shortly after.
Yes, we will be able to inspect, assist, provide some advice and proper estimates for you to submit, however we will stay neutrally professional and not get engaged into any fraudulent activity or claims.


Fill-in a Service Request on this web site, call us at +1-818-337-7007 Monday – Saturday between 8am-8pm PST, or email us at [email protected]


You can, email to [email protected], text to or call our office at +1-818-337-7007 and we will gladly track the technician and provide more accurate arrival time on the day of the service.
For most areas and services, we try to accommodate within the next few days, however in some cases same or next day is possible. Most warranty or protection plan companies provide limited time to service their customers so it is important for customer to call or email back if a message was left to reach us back.
No, we will cancel and/or reschedule free of charge as long as you call and advise before technician’s arrival, except for same day emergency disassembly and assembly services, there may be a cancellation fee if the technicians are in route or have arrived
For most areas your preference will be taken into consideration and/or you will be provided with a few options of available service days and time windows to choose from Monday-Saturday 8am-7pm.
Appointments will be scheduled and confirmed at once.
In cases when smaller arrival time windows will be needed, you will be provided up to 3 hour tech arrival time a day before. You can always request to note any special requests, call ahead, etc. You can also call us on the day of the service so we can track the technician in order to provide more accurate time when possible.
General hours for tech personnel are Monday – Saturday 8am-7pm, however special arrangements or emergency 24/7 services are available as well.
We may as a courtesy reschedule free of charge, however we reserve the right to refuse service or ask for the visit fee to be prepaid.
Even though appointments are confirmed upon scheduling, as a general courtesy we will call, email or text the day before to remind you about your appointment and provide a smaller tech arrival window.
Although most technicians call in advance as a courtesy you can always request a call ahead to ensure you get the notice needed. Unless this is requested in advance and noted to be called on the way it is not guaranteed that the tech will call if running as scheduled.


Yes, you can show as many items or services you may need and technicians will gladly assist. However if service requested/paid by a third party tech may have to go by the work order and/or call the appropriate party for an approval.
Yes, all technicians have tools and most general needed supply in their vehicles to provide the services at the same time if possible, needed and required time for the work.
We call, email, and text customers within the same day or next day if the service request received after business hours. We follow up every other day with any unscheduled customers. The best/most qualified technician for the service being requested will be sent depending on the customer and technicians availability.
It is important for us to have a reference of the items and issues in order to assist you, customer and the company we represent in the best possible way.
Yes, technicians will have paperwork related to your service along with their ID/Driver License and company business cards.
Our technicians may carry shoe covers/booties and can wear those or take off their shoes if requested to do so.


YES, we can provide necessary paperwork, ACORD certificate to satisfy the requirements. Please forward the requirements or sample to us so we can fulfill accordingly.
YES, we are insured and can provide necessary COI (certificate of Insurance) to satisfy the requirements. Please forward the requirements or sample to us so we can fulfill accordingly.


Using felts, under leg glides, protectors, self-adhesive pads, rubber non slip welts will help not only to protect the legs, level the furniture on the floor but also to eliminate some noise issues.
Keep in mind that large ceramic floor tiles even if overall level, they are however in most cases 3D surfaces themselves and or not even to each from all of its surfaces evenly, which creates wobbly chair issues, in such cases you may want to keep adjusted chairs in the same spots, areas where they are leveled and used as moving to a different area may require to be re-adjusted.
Leathers are made from the skins of many animals. Although there are a great variety of leather types, leather can usually be put into one of three categories:
  • Aniline
  • Semi-aniline
  • Pigmented (protected)
Aniline leather is the most natural looking, with natural surface visible, but is less resistant to soiling.
Semi-aniline leather is somewhere in-between on both counts, having a light surface coating.
Pigmented/Finished (protected) leather is the most durable but is less natural in appearance, having a polymer, dye, finished coating.
If you look closely at the tag label on the leather item you’re looking at, it should say what type of leather it is – otherwise ask the salesperson!
Aniline leather is the most natural looking leather with the unique surface characteristics of the hide remaining visible. Aniline leather is colored only with dye and not with a surface coating of polymer and pigment. A light surface coating may be applied to enhance its appearance and offer slight protection against spillages and soiling. Aniline leather
Semi-aniline leather is more durable than aniline whilst still retaining a natural appearance. The increased durability is provided by the application of a light surface coating which contains a small amount of pigment. This ensures consistent color and imparts some stain resistance.
Pigmented Leather is the most durable and is used in the majority of furniture upholstery and almost all car upholstery. The durability is provided by a polymer surface coating which contains pigments.
The surface coating allows the manufacturer more control over the properties of the leather, e.g. resistance to scuffing or fading.
Full grain pigmented leather the grain surface is left intact before applying the surface coating.
Corrected grain pigmented leather the grain surface is abraded to remove imperfections before the surface coating is applied. A decorative grain pattern is then embossed into the surface.
Finished split leather The middle or lower section of a hide with a polymer coating applied and embossed to mimic a grain leather. Finished splits should only be used in low stress applications because they are weaker than grain leather.
Antique grain (two-tone or rub-off) A special surface effect has been created to mimic the unique ‘worn’ appearance of traditional leathers. This is achieved by applying a contrasting top-coat which is applied unevenly or partially rubbed off to reveal a paler underlying color.
Pull-up leather (also known as waxy or oily pull-up) A leather with a natural appearance which lightens in color when stretched during wear to produce a unique worn-in effect with time.
Nubuck Aniline dyed leather which has been lightly abraded on the grain surface to create a velvety finish or nap. In some cases the grain pattern is still visible. The nap is very fine because of the tight fiber structure in the grain layer.
Suede A split which has been abraded to create a distinctive nap. The nap can vary in appearance but is not as fine as the nap on nubuck because of the looser fiber structure.
Weekly vacuuming or light brushing helps to remove soil and prevents the embedding of dirt between the fibers. Rotate and turn your cushions after vacuuming to prevent excessive wear and soil patterns. Avoid placing newspapers on fabric since the ink could permanently stain the fabric. Avoid the use of dyes, acids, corrosives, paints, inks, nail polish and removers around your furniture. Never Remove cushion covers for dry cleaning or machine washing even though they have zippers. Keep upholstered furniture away from direct sunlight to avoid fading. Periodic cleaning by an authorized technician will ensure that gradual buildup of soil, perspiration and oils does not cause permanent damage and shorten the life of your fabric upholstered furniture.
Spot Cleaning: Know your fabric’s cleaning codes for the type of cleaner to be used and always pretest in an inconspicuous spot.
Cleanability Codes: W, S, W/S and X
Code “W” Fabrics: Synthetic fibers (Acetate, Herculon, Nylon, Olefin, and Polyester). Use the foam only from water based cleaning agents such as mild soap or use non solvent upholstery cleaner.
Code “S” Fabrics: Cellulosic or protein fibers (cotton, Linen Rayon, Silk or Wool). Other “S” coded fabrics are Acrylic, Damask, Tapestry, Brocade, Denim, Velour, Chintz and Plaid (cotton/olefin blend). Spot clean using a mild water-free solvent or dry cleaning product.
Code “W/S” Fabrics: Spot clean with a mild solvent, upholstery shampoo or mild soap / detergent.
Code “X” Fabrics: Clean this type of fabric only by vacuuming or light brushing. Do not use water-based foam or solvent based cleaning agents of any kind.
We provide our experienced labor to improve, clean stains and damages that are already there. Every cleaning makes change of look, appearance, as well as every stain is different so the material, and no cleaning can be guaranteed.
Customer must understand that they caused the stains on the furniture/rug and requested a cleaning.
Customer must understand that there are certain stains, spots and discolorations that may not be possible to completely remove during the cleaning process.
Customer must understand that there are certain fabrics that previously were treated properly or improperly with fabric protectors such as Scotchgard, Teflon, Protection Guard, etc. that may already created spotting, react with any liquid including the water or cleaning solution causing slight color change or spotting.
Customer must understand that All Furniture Services®, LLC and its technician/subcontractor or employee are not responsible for any stains that are not completely removed, discoloration or any spots that were there or may look like they appear after the cleaning. Our personnel uses best and safest methods and products however there are conditions, discoloration and or stains simply beyond cleaning to perfectly new.
For light condition and when professional services cannot be hired or simple every day wear try these remedies. Always first test in a small not visible area as improper application may cause damage, AFS is not responsible for any information Care & Cleaning Tips or product suggestions:
Keep furniture away from heating and air conditioning sources to prevent loss of moisture in wood and out of direct sunlight to avoid bleaching of wood. To prevent gouging and scratching, use felt backing on lamps, ashtrays, and accessories. Always use place mats under plates and hot pads under serving dishes. Use coasters under hot and cold drinks. Do not set synthetics, rubber or plastics directly on wood finishes, since they might contain chemicals that will damage the finish. Do not place newspapers and magazines on wood surfaces, since the ink will bleed into the finish and eventually damage wood.
To remove cloudiness: Rub surface with cloth dipped in solution of 1 tablespoon of vinegar in a quart of water. Rub with grain until surface is completely dry. Follow with application of furniture oil or polish.
To remove water rings: Rub with a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and cooking oil, rubbing with the grain.
To remove heat marks: Coat area with mayonnaise and let stand for one hour, and then wipe off.
To remove burns: Rub affected area with finest grade steel wood rubbing lightly with the grain until all burnt material is smoothed off. Follow with application of furniture oil or polish.
To remove candle wax drippings: Scrape excess wax off gently. Apply warm (not hot) iron, over white cloth to absorb residue. Follow with application of furniture oil or polish.
To remove dents: Wipe dent with warm water. Apply a compress of paper soaked in warm water to swell the wood fibers. Let sit for 30 minutes, and then apply a warm (not hot) iron over cloth until dent is gone. Follow with application of furniture oil or polish.


Yes, all furniture is man-made and can be disassembled and assembled back, just as it was manufactured. Our tech personnel and disassembly/reassembly crews are very experienced and do this many times a day for years. They have done almost everything and find a way to properly dismantle, take apart, break down any needed item to it where it belongs.
Yes, some stores, delivery companies as well as we provide such service in determining if that risk of NO-FIT is involved. However proper measuring, observation of the space, item, removable legs or cushions, and entrance will help you to determine yourself. Also keep In mind that if you like the item we will get it in no matter what as well as being able to offer in most areas same day service you may not want to spend extra for someone to come and help determine but simply move forward with getting what you like.
No, we do not suggest storing any furniture especially upholstered ones disassembled for multiple reasons: rails can get warped if left for a long time with spring tension and not supported from all needed sides, wood may get warped and not align properly, if any issues or damages from moving or storing will be difficult to determine, proof of responsible party as multiple conditions and or parties may be involve at the time, items apart are more fragile and once wrapped for a move may not be visible its internal content and can be easier damaged if stacked improperly.
Please contact us for assistance. For most areas it is the same procedure: buy the item, contact your shipper/delivery company and schedule a delivery date. Most likely they schedule a day but provide you with a delivery time window the day before. Ask them to note that you must know the delivery time window and must get an advance call from delivery personnel as well as one hour call ahead.
Call us and schedule service for the same day advising us of all of the above as you are getting delivery and we will know schedule you for the same day making all proper notes. When Delivery Company calls you the day before to provide a time window remind them that you need a call a head, minimum of one hour before they get to you. Let us know about the time window provided by them and also call us when they call you on the way.
Good and proper communication will be best to make sure no one waits for others and or item does not sit and wait long for techs arrival.
Once delivery team arrives, check your piece, make sure it is proper item and free of any damages or stains and arrange to be dropped off somewhere safe and techs will arrive shortly to disassemble get inside and assemble back.
No, if all information provided is correct and there are no surprises the price should not change. However if customer told us it is one couch but techs find on arrival a 2 piece sectional and both couches need to be disassembled than it is two times the work as not a single couch. If tech arrives to a tufted, nail-head or some extremely complex designer sofa when those questions were not answered properly and was told regular sofa in question than tech will advise differences and how much extra work involved for disassembling assembling such item. We do not charge anything extra for up to 2 flights of stairs walk up, however if customer failed to advise us they are on the 6-7th floor walk up or elevator is so tiny that even disassembled pieces does not fit and item will need to be carried by stairs even disassembled there may be small charge for any walk up above 2 flights.
For Larger projects or multiple items we will be able to offer techs to travel everywhere, however for a single item, out of area and customer would like to do it themselves DIY – we may offer Virtual Paid Assistance at 50% of the service cost, have pictures, videos and able to use all messaging and video conference options.
No, if customer notify us in advance to cancel and or reschedule, there are no fee/charge. However as disassembly/reassembly work requires blocking large time window from technicians schedule or sending multiple technicians as an emergency service, a fee may apply if the service is cancelled when the technicians are on-site or in-route.
We highly suggest to inspect your furniture upon delivery, to make sure it is the item you purchased in color and finish you chose, free of any issues and or damages, as well as not missing any parts of it. If there are any issues it is best to note on the delivery companies paperwork and ask them to acknowledge such so you can properly present your issues to the party you ordered your furniture from and get best possible assistance. If we can be of any help with your claim, estimate, and/or repair please contact us or fill out the Service Request Form.
We’ve got you covered and are here for you! See if you can find a place to leave the item safely and inspect it to make sure it is the item you purchased and there are no damages. Call us at +1-818-337-7007 and if it is after business hours you will be given the emergency service phone number in the message. Reach out to us and advise about your situation – we will find a way to possibly service you within few hours and get the crew there to disassemble, get item inside and assemble back.
Disassembly teams deal with difficult situations every day, tight places, no fit hallways, stairways etc. They will find a proper solution and place to work: basement, garage, hallways, truck, street, warehouse, tent, etc.


Yes, however not all areas or locations have shop with customer service and or accept all type of work, so please check with customer service for proper address prior to bringing the item over.
No, we do not buy or sell used furniture, nor can we recommend someone who does. Best way in our opinion to target such audience is to place a listing or looking at sites like Craigslist or eBay.
Furniture can be rather large and for such reason most of the repairs done on-site/in-home and only large and complex work is handled in shop.
It is best to handle some projects at separate locations as doing refinishing and upholstery, glass and metal work in same place may not be best for some larger projects. We do however have main call centers, locations with customer service as well as rooms for different type of work in one location in some areas for customers that would like to drop off/ pick up items themselves.


No, we usually do not bill for private or third party services. Individual, private and third party services must be paid at the time of the services, prepaid or credit card placed on file.
Only jobs for Established Accounts or large project arrangements can be billed as per agreement previously made.
No, sorry but we do not. We do however accept credit card payments.
Technicians are very professional and would never ask for a tip, however it is a personal preference and your feeling to express appreciation in form of tipping professionals that was doing work for you, writing a good review/ feedback or emailing to the company you are a customer of.
We accept: Cash, Credit Cards, Checks, Money Orders, Bank Checks, Zelle, Venmo, and PayPal. Please note we do verify personal checks, and may charge, verify or authorize a third party credit card prior of the service.
All Payments are due and expected to be paid at the time of the service. Service can be also prepaid if the amount known. If paid by third party, the credit card may be placed on file.


We are not a supplier and do not sell any parts/materials. We also do not purchase, sell or warranty any 3rd party products, however we may assist our customers if able to.
Yes, we can add casters, replace and/or customize, resize any legs.
Yes, we can cut/shorten, shape, add felts, glides, cups, remove and reinstall, make extensions or replace any legs.
Pets can cause different types of damages from cats making scratches and pulls which can in some cases be very accumulated and apparent; dogs can tear/chew a whole section out and sometimes more. In most light cases, repairs can be done right at the first visit from shaving, smoothing, filling, patching, color matching and dyeing or reinstalling parts, however in extensive cases replacement parts or in shop work may be needed.
Yes, we can switch location of the arms, resize, remove a section, or change the shape. However keep in mind it is a large and complex procedure which usually involves work on the frame, padding, cushions, ad upholstery which is a combination of shop and in-home work and can be costly/ not always cost effective.
In most areas if requested, techs can bring vinyl and leather Swatches with them for you to choose. For fabric swatches, please see vendor web sites and advise which ones you like to see – (we are able to order free swatches that will be mailed to our shop or customer directly depending on the case):

Charlotte Fabrics | Upholstery & Multipurpose Fabrics and Vinyl

We carry a few sizes of replacement sofa bed/sleeper mechanisms, springs and even replacement decking kits in stock, as well as have tech specialists that can repair almost all types of mechanisms.

Even though there are a few methods described online and in the care/maintenance page as DIY ways, they rarely work and if they do they are usually most effective on fresh and very light conditions. 

Heat Marks / milky, foggy discoloration as well as other similar damages are possible to chemically polish and remove without the need of refinishing. Such process is called retarding and requires special chemicals that are not sold in local stores. In most cases our techs should be able to remove the heat marks with such process in home. (Please do not attempt to scrape it or use strong chemicals because attempting repair of the damaged finish with improper procedures may result in additional damage and a more costly repair bill – much higher than chemically polishing/ removing a heat mark).

We carry few dozen types of recliner handles, cable, release mechanisms, adapters, remote controls, mechanisms, power motors, massagers, components and parts for the recliners as well as a specialists that can repair almost all types of mechanisms.
We often hear that customer believe that their new back cushions are losing their shape because they are under stuffed, and are requesting stores, manufactures or us to add more padding. However adding more padding will not necessarily help the back cushion pillows to keep their shape but it actually may work the other way around. As we all know from physics/science, weight presses down, so more loose padding creates more pressure down and causes a misshapen, bulging look. The most common option to improve and satisfy the request to “add more padding” we offer wrapping the inside core/pillow with flat padding which will act as more padding/cushioning, meanwhile being flat assists in keeping a more uniform shape.
Yes, we can provide multiple options from adding more padding, creating padded wrap to keep current cushions/cores/pillows in shape and completely replacing with better or different padding/core.
If we don’t have the part needed we can research and possibly assist with ordering, however we do not take responsibilities nor guarantee that each part available, can be ordered and/or warrantied. For such reason we may advise that one of the best options is to get original item specific replacement part by contacting the original store, manufacture or vendor of the item. You may be surprised but many of the mechanisms have a life time limited warranty on the parts and such attempt usually results in success and money savings.
Manufactures usually use medium velocity foam, however we can offer – order premium: soft, medium, firm or hard foam/cores. If original medium velocity was comfortable, yours are just worn and you would like to replace them it would be best to go with the same, however if you desire a firmer cushion it can be done in firm foam. Anything harder/firmer is rarely used for furniture cushioning purposes.
Yes, we repair, rebuild or replace them if needed. Most of the seat supports on upholstered furniture are springs or pad and webbing and/or a combination of both. Repair or complete redo of the seat support can usually be done on-site, in home as well.


YES, we have the best Antique, Art and Painting restorers that can do miracle work, as well as we carry all supplies that is specifically designed for such projects. Our specialists are able to work on almost all materials, finishes and do unbelievably wonderful work.
Yes, we can work with customer supplied materials, and parts as well as assist with finding your material.
It is very simple, we have various specialists and experience above and beyond what any other company can come close to. If we can’t do it no one can!

Check our web site, before and after picture gallery and other pages, if you’re still not sure – please contact us we will be glad to have you as another satisfied customer.



Please check with our customer service, we may service as extended service area or have an affiliate. However if we do not have any affiliates or contacts in your area, you can call some local furniture stores and ask if they have a repair technician that services their needs to get their contact number, that may be one good way to find someone specialized in the field.
Please call or email us  providing your address and service needed so we can see if an exception can be made or serviced with an additional travel fee is possible.


Yes, all the technicians that provide in home services are agency screened and must pass with full satisfaction to work with us. The screening involves: (criminal record, driving record, drug tested, background checked).
In addition to the screening the technicians must work with our company for a significant amount of time and tested in the shop to prove they are trustworthy, friendly, professional and family oriented prior to providing in-home services.
No, all of our personnel extremely honest and not only they will reject to do off record/side job but they will report such back to the company making us aware of such customers or accounts. We take loyalty, honesty, reliability and professionalism very serious.



What’s your hidden treasure? Our team will restore your furniture no matter the condition.

We offer professional on-site and in-shop upholstery repair for couches, chairs, ottomans, recliners, and more. Our experts will vanish even the most extreme tears, animal damages, or scratches.

Furniture Touch Up, Cleaning and Mark Removal

What’s your hidden treasure? Our team will restore your furniture no matter the condition.

Sometimes your cherished furniture just needs a breath of fresh air. We remove any unwanted watermarks or heat marks from your furniture and complete cosmetic repairs both on-site and in-shop depending on the scope of the project. Whether it’s finish and top-coat repair, veneer repair, cleaning, or removal of nicks and scratches, we can restore and bring life back into your pieces.

Antique Restoration

What’s your hidden treasure? Our team will restore your furniture no matter the condition.

Our team of experts restores antique furniture no matter the condition. Many people have family heirlooms that have been passed down for generations or have come across a hidden treasure at a garage sale, flea market, or in any other shop. Whatever the beloved possession may be, our company offers antique restoration to put life and appeal back into your antique item.

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